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The Virgin Falls

Imagine a place free of tourists, surrounded by lush green jungle, far from civilisation, in the company of a local tribe who wake up singing every morning, their children running around, an abundance of everything, an environment where money and ownership mean nothing. Top that off with the most ridiculously beautiful setting and you have The Virgin Falls experience. Difficulty level Рmoderate , Cultural shock- moderate to high,  Transport РTypical crowded bus with the possibility of a goat on your lap, Tips Рtake a pocket of change, Time Рall day, Energy Рexpect to get back exhausted,  Experience Рhigh.

The Medicine Man

Medicine man

Imagine a man who lived on a mountain all his life under a bush. Showering daily under the waterfalls. Catching things and cooking them. And you guessed it when he got sick he collected the necessary herbs and cooked up a special brew. Taught through generations of medicine men, Ramon Emilio Sanchez Castillo will be happy (sometimes), to prepare you a personalized brew. What to expect: Difficulty level – easy (he will go to the mountains on your behalf) and do all the work: Time – all day: Cultural shock – moderate: Brew taste – horrible: Experience – high.

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